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I’ve found that I often measure time in increments determined by my job. When I worked at the magazine, I… Continue reading »

Sweet Sixteen

I know the sixteen-month birthday is nothing significant, but it seems like Soren does something monumental every day. So what… Continue reading »

From Baby to Toddler

Shortly after Soren’s first birthday, I walked into Gap and was surprised and saddened to see that their toddler section… Continue reading »

Life Lately

Sometimes when Soren is sleeping and the house is very quiet, I miss him. I might not have said that… Continue reading »

Have Baby Will Travel

Although we have yet to purchase plane tickets, our little family is headed to Israel in June. Tim will attend… Continue reading »

Food, Glorious Food

Before I had Soren I looked forward to the day I would feed my babies a variety of homemade fruit… Continue reading »

Music to My Ears

After weeks of unsuccessful piano lessons*, Soren has finally figured it out. *Piano lessons are a daily five-minute activity where… Continue reading »

My Little Lab Rat

A few months ago Soren picked up a new hobby — participating in research studies. I guess he just likes… Continue reading »

Six-Month Recap

Soren passed his six-month checkup today, so I better record his stats before he grows any bigger. (Side note: Soren… Continue reading »

Half a Year

This boy is six months old. It feels like it’s been a million years since the amazing August day of his… Continue reading »