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Court Street Bagels in Brooklyn

When we visit Brooklyn we go on lots of walks and eat lots of bagels. Actually, I go on lots of walks and Tim eats lots of bagels. On Thanksgiving morning we teamed up and did both together. Tim’s first bagel of the morning was from Brooklyn Bread, because he likes them super light and airy. I held out for Court Street Bagels, because I like real bagels. The whole wheat with bacon/herb cream cheese did not disappoint. While we were there, Tim decided to spend my dollar for the day on his breakfast #2 — a pretty cinnamon swirl bagel.

cinnamon bagel from Court Street Bagels

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  1. Jim Layton December 1, 2011 at 9:10 am Reply

    I side with you. Bagels should have substance — they should require chewing.

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