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$1 Sesame Street Bingo from Target

Tonight we made one of those trips to Target where you go there for one thing — contact solution, in this instance — but then the spending somehow spirals out of control. I remembered we were out of kitchen cleaner, and then I spotted bags of caramels on sale, which I need to make my favorite caramel bars, and then I decided I should find something in the $1 aisle for my baby twin nieces who will turn four this Friday. I’m hoping this Sesame Street bingo game will be a winner.

Earlier this week I bought the girls these cute food face plates that I’ve been seeing at a lot of boutiques lately. Aren’t they so fun? I initially planned to just buy two — for the actual birthday girls — but then I decided their five-year-old sister might need one as well, because I would hate for her to feel left out, you know? So all three girls will receive a plate, and the Sesame Street bingo game will be the bonus gift for the birthday babies.

Fred & Friends Ms. Food face plate

I’ll be in Virginia in just a few days, hoping their new little sister or brother makes an appearance during my visit!

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  1. Lindsay Grauling September 15, 2011 at 3:26 pm Reply

    I have these plates and love them – excellent call on the gift idea!

  2. Annie Stoddard September 16, 2011 at 7:13 am Reply

    Ashley, I saw this link to your website in my gchat sidebar and I love this idea! So cute. I scrolled through a few of the entries and you’ve given me so many good ideas of places to go in Boston. Love it.

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