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American Grace by Robert Putnam and David Campbell — found at Goodwill

Another lucky find at Goodwill! By the way, am I the only one who thinks the Goodwill in Jamaica Plain feels like Urban Outfitters? It is new and spacious with nice wood floors and great displays. Tim found the book “American Grace,” which he’d been wanting to read anyway. The book has only been out less than a year, and hard cover versions at the bookstore are sold for about 30 times the $1 I paid for it. (P.S. I had to ask if I could buy it for $1, since hard cover books at Goodwill are supposed to go for $2.) It’s supposed to be a great read — it’s basically an overview of religion in the U.S. over the last half-century or so. Plus, it makes a lovely addition to the religion section of my bookshelf.

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