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Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

Alright, this is our last New York post, and then it’s back to Boston! Before we left town we went to Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn. Now, I love any sort of outdoor market, but this one is especially neat because it is housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers. The vendors are a smattering of artists, chefs, farmers, and makers of pretty things, and they’re doing it all inside the walls of repurposed shipping containers!

Etsy artist assembly at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

The market is open every day, and there are lots of tasty food options to fuel the shoppers. We bought a chocolate chip cookie for a dollar, which was sort of a ripoff for its size. But I had to spend that dollar.

shipping container shops at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

All in all, a very fun place to look around. If you go, be sure to stop by the 24Karas shop. I’m not much for jewelry, but they had some of the loveliest pieces I’ve ever seen.

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