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lakota bakery raspberry cookie

I met a friend at Darwin’s in Cambridge the other day and was reminded of the most incredible cookies known to humankind. After the first time I sampled their mint cream sandwich cookie, I was determined to learn more about the mastermind behind the treat. Turns out the goods are made in nearby Arlington at Lakota Bakery. I recently visited the bakery and was in heaven. Every one of their cookies (more than 30 varieties!) is scooped by hand, shaped by hand, filled by hand, and dipped and decorated by hand. I am trying to think of a sensible reason to quit my job and get my hands involved in that process. Pictured is Lakota’s raspberry cream sandwich, which somehow tastes even more amazing than it looks.

Oh, and to maintain the integrity of this blog, I must let you know that you will need a few dimes more than a dollar to purchase this cookie. Fully worth the splurge.

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