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the dumplings

vanessa's dumplings new york

I am salivating a little bit as I write this and recall the wonder that is Vanessa’s Dumpling House in NYC’s Chinatown. Though most of the other dumpling shacks nearby give you five for your dollar, Vanessa’s four chive and pork dumplings beat the competition. The dough is made by hand, and it’s a perfect mix of crispy on the bottom and soft and chewy everywhere else. The filling is equally wonderful — you can actually taste the pork and the seasonings, whereas with many other dumplings you can’t pick out the distinct ingredients. I don’t always love the smells of Chinatown, but I would lunch here every day if I could.

vanessa's dumpling house new york

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  1. Cyrus March 21, 2011 at 5:41 pm Reply

    I LOVE THIS!!! A fun game AND lil memories of the East Coast. Keep up the good work!

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