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the jelly beans

jelly beans cvs chocolate nests

I needed a quick and easy treat to take to Easter dinner yesterday. (Side note: Easter dinner was good. Lamb by Chelsea, to-die-for roast by Vicki, classic green bean casserole by Colleen, best rolls ever by Natalie, a fun new combo of pineapple with carrots by Amy, a great salad by Carolina, and so on and so forth.) I decided to make little birds’ nests by smothering chow mein noodles with a sweet and simple mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. I knew I could easily find a $1 item to fill the nests, and CVS came through for me with a big bag of jelly beans. (It actually rang up as $0.88, so I saved myself a dime. Good thing, because I’m pretty sure my dollar purchases occasionally stretch into the $1.10 region.)

I figured an outdoor photo would be appropriate, given the beautiful Easter day and the subject of the image, but it wasn’t until I made the decision that I realized there is no grass anywhere near my building. We stopped off at a park on the way to dinner to snap the photo.

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