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Boston Public Library in Copley Square

Today we did the official art and architecture tour of one of my favorite Boston buildings — the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. The BPL is special for lots of reasons, the most important being its status as the country’s first public library. The library was created in 1848, and about 40 years later this beautiful building was constructed to house the ever-growing collection. It was designed to resemble a palace (“a palace for the people,” some said when it opened) and the structure is pretty incredible — inside and out. I’m glad I finally did the tour after multiple years of using the library to check out books. (The tour is free, but the library has a donation box in the front lobby, so feel free to give $1 when you’re there!)

courtyard at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square

One of my favorite parts of the library is the interior courtyard. It’s a peaceful, mostly quiet spot, perfect for reading or taking a lunch break. I also love the card catalogs within the library. Most libraries have eliminated these lovely pieces of furniture, and I have considered purchasing one on many occasions (I see them in antique stores every now and again). Maybe someday!

card catalog at Boston Public Library in Copley Square

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  1. Lesley August 9, 2011 at 2:00 pm Reply

    You finally got that library tour! Now I need to come back to Boston to do it myself. Concord, Walden Pond, Giacomo’s, pastries (Mike’s or Modern?). Some of our favorite places. Good memories!

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