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the re-tale raffle ticket

re-tale winston salem north carolina

Let me tell you about a true Winston-Salem gem. Re-tale is a great little second-hand shop on Burke Street, and it’s run by two women who are former Boston residents. Page had been raving about the store the last time I was in town, but it was closed the day we tried to visit. So today was the day, and it was a success. Page found a darling dress for baby Faye and a few neat oval frames for a silhouette project she’s working on, and I purchased an unusual dollar item — a raffle ticket for the great blue birdcage you can see through the shop window in the image above. Sure, there’s no space for a large birdcage in my apartment (and how would I transport it to Boston anyway?) but it was only a dollar and the proceeds go to the local Habitat for Humanity BirdFest fundraiser.

cake stands re-tale winston salem north carolina

I also came away with a few new project ideas. Check out these neat cake stands fashioned from eclectic candle stick holders and platters. I just need to figure out what sort of glue to use.

re-tale winston salem north carolina

Also, am I the only one who has grand plans for creating homemade soaps? Anytime I see prettily packaged locally made soaps, I decide I want to give it a whirl myself. Maybe someday…

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