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the rubber spatula

crate and barrel outlet rubber spatula

I need someone to explain to me how the Crate & Barrel Outlet system works, because it confuses me. I go there thinking everything will be discounted compared to regular Crate & Barrel, but so many of the items are the exact same — for the same price. And then there are some products that are made for and sold only in the outlet store. So it’s not a typical setup where the outlet store gets the overruns and past seasons’ items from the regular store. But I guess that doesn’t stop me from hitting the outlet when I can — every now and then I find a clearance deal there that wouldn’t have come up in normal Crate & Barrel. Today’s find is this $0.99 vibrant green rubber spatula, which has now been gifted to my mother, who was very much in need of a new rubber spatula.

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  1. mackenzie April 24, 2011 at 10:39 am Reply

    i have this same spatula by williams sonoma (same exact thing- do they share a designer or something?) and i can testify that it, as well as the one pictured here, is the best spatula i have ever used.

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