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I found a fun surprise in my bag the other day — three little chocolates I bought at Chelsea Market Baskets when I was in New York. The 0.16-ounce Belgian wonders were hidden in my mess-of-a-purse. Thank goodness I discovered them before they melted or met some other awful fate.

I first noticed them in the store because of their cute size, and I was further intrigued by the flavors. Since I could only choose three  — had to keep my purchase to $1, of course — I ended up with noir orange (intense dark chocolate with bits of crystallized orange peel), noir gingembre (the same rich chocolate combined with fresh ginger), and a classic noir 88% (it doesn’t get much darker/better than that). Now I’m on a search to find a store in Boston that sells this brand. I’m ready for more.

(Oh, and yes, the chocolates in the photograph are sitting in a Scrabble letter stand.)

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  1. mel April 12, 2011 at 8:26 pm Reply

    Yep – still haven’t acquired a taste for the noir chocolate. Cheap milk chocolate does it for me.

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