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Olecito in Inman Square, Cambridge

Today’s to-do list included 1) practicing the piano for an upcoming choir number at church, 2) engaging in some form of exercise, and 3) embracing the sunshine. (Also, saying I have to practice the piano makes me feel like I’m eight years old again.) Once I finished up at the church, we killed two birds with one stone and took a long walk in the middle of the warm, sunny day. We found ourselves in Inman Square in Cambridge right around lunchtime, so it only made sense to check out Olecito. Olecito is a tiny take-out-only joint, and it is the baby restaurant of Olé Mexican Grill, which is across the street. We love Olé and its incredible guacamole, and we’d been waiting for a chance to visit the express version of the mother restaurant. Olecito is known for its tortas, so Tim went with the Yucateca (braised pork with guajillo chile, pickled onions, avocado sauce, queso fresco, pinto bean spread, lettuce, chipotle sauce) and I chose the Sonora (marinated steak, pinto bean spread, guacamole, rajas, Jalapeño cheese, lettuce, chipotle sauce). We took our sandwiches to a nearby park — my perfect picnic.

Olecito torta

That sticker could not be any cuter. Also, please know that is not my hairy leg — it’s Tim’s.

Yucateca torta from Olecito in Inman Square, Cambridge

Tim requested double meat on his torta, at the price of $1. Whenever menus offer additional meat for an additional cost, I wonder who would ever want more meat — certainly not me. I guess now I know who they do that for.

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