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Have Baby Will Travel

Although we have yet to purchase plane tickets, our little family is headed to Israel in June. Tim will attend a sure-to-be-thrilling conference about risk adjustment, and Soren and I will run around Tel Aviv and eat a lot of hummus. I keep meaning to scour the internet for tips on traveling abroad with a baby, but so far I’m banking on my overly optimistic view that the whole trip will be a breeze. Fifteen hours of travel? No big deal. Seven-hour time difference? Soren can handle it. I think my (over)confidence comes from the great successes we’ve had with other trips we’ve taken since Soren was born. Our upcoming vacation is obviously  a bigger deal in pretty much every way, but “go with the flow” is going to be my modus operandi.

To maintain my “blog as journal” plan, how about a recap of our travels since we became a family of three?

Soren’s first venture out of state came at five weeks old when we made the long drive to Virginia for Gram’s funeral.

Is this my baby? Was he ever really that teeny?

My favorite boys in my favorite state.

I love my family.

When Soren was just shy of three months old, we gave Virginia another go. I hadn’t been home for Thanksgiving in at least a decade (after I left home for college, my Thanksgivings were spent all over the place — many years in New York, once in Mexico, once in Las Vegas, and a few in various parts of Utah). Yet again, Soren was a dream baby on the drive to and from VA.

This is how Soren makes the most of his travel time.

When he wasn’t sleeping, he was smiling. Except for the part where we were stuck in traffic on a bridge and he was hungry. Then he screamed.

Soren loved swimming in Grandmama’s big sink.

We took lots of walks with the little girls. The twins like to race down the hill on their scooters, then play dead in the street. Don’t ask me.

Thanksgiving day at the Taggs’ house was a joy, despite the look on Soren’s face.

Soren loved his first hike on the Appalachian Trail. He needed a rest at the shelter, though — hiking is hard work.

A month later, Soren took his first flight. I’m a big whiner when it comes to Missouri travel since the flight is followed by a looong drive, but Soren handled it well.

First flight with my babe.

Tim has the magic touch. (It helps that the airplane provides some nice white noise and just the right amount of turbulence.)

Love those post-nap red cheeks.

The halls were decked.

The governor’s sweet wife came over to read stories to Soren.

Soren wasn’t quite sure what to do on Christmas morning.

Playtime with his great grandpa. Could he be any cuter?

We kidnapped Soren’s cousin London for one of our walks. We could totally handle twins.

In March Soren and I took our first solo trip. When I bought my plane ticket I was a little nervous about being Soren’s sole caretaker for five days, but it ended up being surprisingly easy. Easier than being at home with Tim, in fact. Turns out life is pretty fun when you don’t have to think about work, cleaning a house, preparing meals, etc. and can instead spend every minute just cuddling with your baby. Texas was a real delight.

Since Camilla moved from Brooklyn to Dallas (and since I had a baby), my New York visits have pretty much come to a halt. Seeing Camilla and Linsey (and their combined five kiddies) in the sunshiny South was heaven.

We loved the Dallas Arboretum. Tulips galore. Soren enjoyed it for about 30 minutes then quickly fell asleep on my chest.

Soren was like, “What’s this enormous space you call a yard?” We’re not accustomed to such luxuries in Boston.

I needed another kid to snuggle with while Soren was napping, so Ruby joined me on the couch.

We ventured downtown for an afternoon at the park, including sushi and ice cream sandwiches from the food trucks.

It’s extra fun to push a shopping cart around Costco when you’ve got two cute babies in front of you. Soren tried to snitch Ruby’s samples more than once.

And, 23 photos later, that’s our recap. Now it’s time to think about Israel in June, the Outer Banks in July, and maybe a few days in Montreal this fall?

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  1. Rachael April 16, 2013 at 10:00 am Reply

    How exciting! You seem like a pro when traveling with Soren. I can’t see your Israel being any different, you guys have got it down! 🙂

  2. Ginger April 24, 2013 at 7:33 pm Reply

    Soren is such a doll. The sink, swing and shopping cart pics are my favorite. He’ll be fine on your trip; just don’t forget to bring your boobs.

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